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About Us

Persian Pistachios & Saffron  farming, import & export

since 1998

Noble Exotic provides high quality, fresh Persian saffron and pistachios at the best price in Canada. We have over 20 years of experience in saffron and pistachios farming. Our products come directly from our farm to Saint John, NB, Canada.

Our company’s goal is to provide saffron & pistachios at an affordable price so everybody can use the benefits of this priceless spice. With no dealers and no brokers, you can be sure about the quality and price like nowhere in the country.

Our Story

I studied agriculture in university in Iran. Right after graduating I started farming and planting my pistachios seeds. I worked really hard and with love for many years until the seeds grow and become trees. It takes 7-10 years for pistachio trees to start producing pistachios. During these years I started making industrial machines to cover my expenses. I have also invented machines!

Our farm is located in central Iran and it’s also an amazing location for growing saffron. I moved to Canada with my family on 2013 and now it’s been 25 years since I started farming. I do farming with love and I have always stayed patience. Saffron and pistachios are both very beneficial for human health and I really enjoy producing them.

Our Mission

It’s highly important to us that provide high-quality and fresh Persian products like pistachios & saffron for our second home, Canada.

The health of our customers is important first and foremost, while they can enjoy the exceptional taste of Persian saffron and pistachios.

We try to make people across Canada taste our Persian products and use it for your physical well-being on a daily basis at home, at work and at parties.

Let's Buy something useful & delicious.

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